Manjaro Arm on the pineH64
I got manjaro arm booting to a full DE (mate).  For the moment no sound and no wifi but everything else seems to work.  Didn't test if the usb3 port is working as usb2 or usb3.
Cool stuff, have you made any progress?
Are the folks at manjaro-arm going to add the H64 to their manjaro-arm-installer script?
I didn't have time yet to do further research. Especially because it was just during the change over from linux 5.3 to 5.4.
I had the necessary patches for linux5.3 to get wifi and hdmi-sound working so it shouldn't be a big deal.

I can provide you the packagebuild for U-boot for the h64. In fact it's just building the image for the A64 an remove u-boot from the project file and inject the u-boot for the H64 in the image. To get wifi and hdmi-sound working it's editing the dtb for the h64 and build a new dtb. You should then replace the old dtb with the new one.

I don't think they have the intention to make it official as nobody is interested in this.

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