USB C video and hub/net/audio/whatever
Do we have confirmed working USB C video/hub/whatever?
I would like to use my Microsoft Lumia dock, but apart from charging, it wouldn't do anything, not even the USB hub.
Since the Pinebook Pro is actually a good working computer, I wold rather travel with it than with my Macbook or my Hackintosh.
I am looking for a device that puts video to an HDMI, audio to the HDMI, charges the PBP and acts as a USB hub. If possible.
An Amazon/Gearbest/Aliexpress/Banggood link would be preferred.

Hey! Check out this thread if you haven't already:

Seems there are some options out there. If you try another product and can verify that it works or doesn't work with the PBP, let everyone know!

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