Your PBP number
Looks like mine is #375.
Where did you find your #?

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(11-05-2019, 08:13 PM)jabo Wrote: Where did you find your #?

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There was a sticker to the bottom left of the palm rest. Mine said 375 128G.
166 here
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I have 342

Are we going to make a lottery ?╰(▔∀▔)╯
Would be cool if someone had a #1 sticker Wink also, no clue what the numbers refer to exactly ...
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This sticker is some special feature that comes from 2nd batch?
Mine is off the very first batch and came with no stickers at all, which I personally like best.
@Luke, out of curiosity. Is there a way to read out the serial number? I'd guess it has a serial number e. g. for RMA handling etc. Might as well be a simply a sticker on the inside, of course.
#103 here Smile (2nd batch)

It was placed where normally (left hand) palm rest (on top of the plastic keyboard/touchpad cover) - I think I'll leave it here (until it wears off).

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