Pine Phone/Braveheart Antenna tuning
In the past my personal experience with 'tuning' consumer device antennas with AM cb radios, and radio phones VHF & UHF mostly involved trimming the antenna to a precise length,  though sometimes this is altered by reflectivity ie near-by objects affect the SWR.

  ( But those were all external antennas,  so much simpler to 'tune' I am sure.)

  By the scale,   I am pretty certain the smaller antenna as one inside a cell phone case is very sensitive to precise length for transmitting efficiently. 
   BUT Also,   the inter-action with the other components within such a small area,  can likely cause different lengths for this inter-action rather than just a calculated length.
 After precise adjustment,    any movement of the said antenna within the enclosure will cause changes to the antenna performance.

Since this phone is so easily serviced by the 'end user'  They should be warned to NOT disturb the internal antenna.
The smaller the antenna the more critical and sensitive the tuning.
so you think that the tweaks on the antenna between the braveheart and the consumer edition will be hardware? this because I don't feel very able to make these changes on my own if I had to order the braveheart edition
. Not saying they will change it, but rather : "They have the needed equipment (and knowledge) for testing and tuning."
I think the 'consumer of any edition' should be extra careful to not touch the antenna.
Any movement can change the SWR (standing wave ratio)


An external antenna jack would be a nice extra for someone to experiment with, as it would give some extra options like size and the possibility of being directional.
But that may a problem in extra cost and design.
For reception bigger is better, but for transmitting precision of tuning is an absolute.
So what could this mean when buying the bravehart edition? will it be possible to repeat these "tunings" at home to improve reception?

It's a good idea to have an external antenna, I imagine how useful it could be when you want to use the phone as a modem/router.
If by jack you mean the same jack as the headphones, I read that it is already used as UART, I do not know if it can also be used as this third purpose
No, an antenna jack would be a dedicated jack, it only carries radio frequencies.

(> It would be very complicated, it would require training and the correct equipment to tune a cell phone antenna. )

IF you had an external antenna, you could possibly tune that.
I'm reading now the last news on the site, they're talking about the tuning of the 2g antenna, they didn't answer me here on the forum but it seems just I receive an official answer to my questions directly on the site Tongue
So "thank you" for the answers

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