Did you pay an import tax?
No, I did not.
Yes, I did.
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Did you have to pay import tax on your PBP?
Yes, France. Just over 60 euros...
(01-04-2020, 10:32 AM)wasgurd Wrote: 88,63 € in Spain

You now that here in Spain, we should pay 2.5% duties + 21% VAT.

Now make the calculation and discover the extra big bulk DHL asks on top of the already paid shipment:

Import tax should be 5$
VAT should be 42$
That is about 42.20€.

That means that DHL is charging extra over 46€ for spaniards, and based on terms and conditions we should be responsible for legal extra taxes, not an additional charge by DHL.
Approx 50cad, about what I expected from previous users
If I paid anything it was all figured out beforehand and charged to my Paypal, I didn't have to pay the DHL guy anything.

Shipped in Hong Kong on a Thursday, delivered in Massachusetts on Monday, that was pretty good.
Yes. Ontario, Canada. via DHL it was $54.89 (cad)

I got the PBP, m2 adapter, and the Serial console. Total USD $246.97 including shipping.
Also Ontario,, $53.70,, pbp, m2,, not here yet
yes. Italy ~60€
Yes, in Germany 55.73 EUR
In Portugal, I was contacted by DHL to pay an additional 94.87eur in order to get my pbp, although none of this seems to me to be import tax.

As far as I understand, the total amount charged by DHL corresponds to 57.6eur of Value Added Tax and the remaining expenses defined and charged by DHL itself
(01-14-2020, 01:38 AM)albertz Wrote: yes. Italy ~60€

I have to update the price 70,48€ (47,30 of tax import + 23,18 of  'other').
The total cost is 285,38€ (199,99$ pinebook + 39$ shipment + 47,30€ tax import + 23,18 dhl??)

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