Did you pay an import tax?
No, I did not.
Yes, I did.
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Did you have to pay import tax on your PBP?
About 70 Euros total in Croatia and they needed a description of contents, receipt of payment for the device and a scan of my non-Croatian passport (not sure how they knew I would have one, the only clue is that my name is not at all Slavic).

Very quick turnaround. One week including customs and New Year.
88,63 € in Spain
No import tax here (Australia).
€ 65.16 in Italy
No import tax here (China).
Yes, i live in France, i had a tax to pay (60€)
I paid something like 60€ in France for DHL.
But now that they send devices by post, I didn't have ta pay taxes for my rockpro64
51 Euros - Poland.
I am based in the UK

received text message from DHL that i had to pay import duty 
Total amount was £47.56 
of which £10 was handling charge.

So turning into an expensive laptop now what with shipping fee and import fee

such is life

hopefully will receive it on the 14th January 2020
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(11-02-2019, 08:16 AM)Luke Wrote: Seems to me like users from the US/ Canada are getting away with not paying tax, while most if not all EU users are asked to pay. Interesting.

Nope.  Here in Canada, just got a text asking for a "customs clearance fee" extortion tax of $53. Sad

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