Android 9 SDK not Booting
I have downloaded the Android 9.0 SDK for the ROCKPro64 from the Wiki and am now trying to build it.  I am able to compile it successfully, but it does not boot.  The power light comes on, and I can read from the serial console, but it does not seem to finish booting.  It gets at least as far as starting adb, because I can access the device through the adb shell, but it is stuck in recovery mode, and there is no HDMI output.  I have attached the logs from the serial console and the kmsg:

.txt   serial_console.txt (Size: 10.79 KB / Downloads: 22)

.txt   kmsg.txt (Size: 85.94 KB / Downloads: 12)

I also find it interesting that the prebuilt Android 9.0 image found on the Wiki does not boot for me either, so perhaps it is a bug in the Android 9.0 SDK?  I don't have the same problem with the prebuilt Android 8.1 image - it boots without issue.

The configuration I'm using for the build is as follows:

Lunch: rk3399_mid-userdebug
Arch: arm64
Kernel Config: rockchip_defconfig
Kernel DTS: rk3399-rockpro64
Archv: aarch64
U-Boot Config: rk3399_defconfig

Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong or if there is a fix for this issue?

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