Archlinux up and Running
I just wanted to announce that as usual, the Archlinux Arm port works freaking great. Brand new sandisk 32g card from brick and mortar, a check and format, and things are working just dandy.

I'm still getting everything configured, but so far I've done the following:
Powered on
Set up Wifi
Set up SSH
Pacman Init
chmod & chgrp & chown for /tmp/ and /var/tmp
set up external storage
set up smb
user settings

The thing is nice and fast, seems to work pretty well so far. I only had about an hour to interact with the thing, so i couldn't get through all the things that I wanted, but I think this is a good start.
Did you compile a BSD Kernel, or compile 4.3?

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I started off with the longsleep image that was there, which is 3.10. I'm working on getting the kernel up to date, but I don't have much hands-on time. Most of this adventure has to be remote via ssh.
Tried to update via the internal script and the pine64 uboot in pacman, and that didn't fair well -- The unit gave me a black screen when i was trying to boot, so i think i ruined the boot files or boot partition.

Luckily I backed up my data with my rpi2, and I'll be able to recover everything else from my notes. I am looking forward to the new kernel support, but i have to learn to be patient anyhow.
Yeah.... I have no background in modifying kernels... I'm hoping to have a little time to play and see if I can figure it out. I was reading in the Linux development thread about how they're patching the kernel to make it be Preemptive

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