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At the checkout page, my $199 laptop came to $255.99. The small print said "Note : Import duty tax is not included in Shipping cost." I never ordered anything from a foreign country. Will there be any additional charges and how are they billed?

My shipping address is my company address, e.g. the company mailman will receive it and hand it over to me. Will this cause any issues with having import duty payed?
Depends on the country to some extent. Common approaches include courier does not release the package until fees are paid or alternatively a simple invoice being sent after delivery but there are other options.

In cases where the courier organises the collection of customs fees there might be a fee for collecting the fees to...
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In my country (Central Europe) you get an e-mail or physical letter informing you there is a package waiting to go through the import process and that you need to pay an import fee. After you pay it the package delivery continues as normal. Some companies like US Amazon estimate an import fee and you pay it in advance together with your order. After the package is delivered any difference in the import fee is either refunded or debited from your account.
For the original Pinebook I paid € 42.48  for the VAT and processing to DHL in Slovakia. So now, it may be € 60-70, I guess.

Now, it should be still just VAT (in Slovakia, 20 percent of PBP (price + shipping) ) plus DHL handling fee (€ 18 for example) and customs should be zero on electronic goods.
Lets say VAT is € 230 * 20% = € 46 and total cost would be € 46 + € 18 for DHL, so maybe € 64.

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