Can't install any distro. Preinstalled neon freezes
Got my pinebook 1080P recently.
First noticed an issue with the presintalled neon. After some time the GUI freezes, mouse still works, but the desktop environment is not usable. And I can switch to other command line shells.
The other issue - I'm not able to install any new distro. Either the installation process hangs in the very beginning or I get a blank screen.
Here's what I got trying to install the latest Manjaro.

Could it be a hardware issue? Otherwise at least some of the distros would install.
Here's a post with similar symptoms.

How can I fix/debug this?

Sounds a bit fishy, I think the installed Neon should not just crash after a while. 
Can you boot from an SD-Card at all? Or is that how you took the screenshot?

If it is an SD-Card I would just try to write it again, that sometimes actually works.
Or try a different OS.
Also make sure to test more than one SD-card.

Otherwise I would look into a return.
Alright, fixed the issue.
Apparently my SD card was failing. Got another one and everything worked smoothly.
Anyway, it's a bit weird. I'd expect Etcher to throw an error in case of a faulty SD.

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