Sopine baseboard / A64 base board as OTG
I've configured a Debian Armbian to do dummy_hcd and g_mass_storage. I currently have one of my sopine cluster compute modules in the A64 baseboard. I've been able to go through all the steps to set it up as gadget mass storage device. I've also made an OTG cable to plug this setup in to a usb port on another computer. But I am not sure if I have quite got this right at a hardware level. Will the USB on the A64 board let me do this? I have not got any over voltage errors from dmesg but it is not working either. Question was if the Sopine hardware combination will let me bring up a USB port as OTG in this way? 

( in case anybody is wondering why it was because I was exploring this as possible alternate root for cluster booting off the baseboard as opposed to configuring netboot and NTFS etc etc ) ...

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