Sata Raid Marvell 4port 9235
I have actually been playing with another board a Rockpi4b-2gb as with panfrost coming online in 5.2 we have almost complete and working mainline that should be there in 5.3.

I have been playing with PCIe sata first an ASM1061 2 port and recently a Marvell 9235 4 port.
Both are 'biosless' dumb cards and perfect for the uboot arm environ as whatever is initialised by a bios isn't there on Arm and it aint going to work.
So actually a bonus as relatively dumb non boot cards are likely to work as they are also cheaper.

The  ASM1061 2 port is x1 lane and the Marvell 9235 4 port is x2 lane and I have been wondering what the max the RK3399 can cope with so apols about the cross over, but thought there might be some info to share.
I have done no optimisation tricks or hacks, no cpu affinity as guess could direct one big core to sata and the other to nic, but if anyone has any tricks and tips to get more from then please share.

I have some results on the Armbian site

Went a bit crazy as purely for testing got 4x relatively cheap Integral 120gb p5 SSDs and did some benches at Raid 10,5,1,0 and singular.
I don't know if its the RK3399 hitting limits or the chipset of the Marvel 9235 but the bottle neck has landed above 1gb ethernet throughput so I am happy.

What I was wondering has anyone done the same, does anyone have any benchmarks for a 4 disk RAID array?
Also being completely impartial I have no preference but the RockPi4 is limited to choice via M.2 Sata cards I think I have tried the 2 that are available.
Has anyone on the Rockpro64 tried different cards maybe a x4 lane card with multiple disks?

Doh forgot to set it to pcie2 gen so tests where run @ pcie1 speeds.

Bit better now Smile

Anyone got any equivalent benches? As interested.

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