Replace/Upgrade trackpad
(05-31-2019, 11:09 AM)tophneal Wrote: I was just playing around with my new Pinebook this morning, mistakenly trying to use the trackpad like my MBP's. After a while, a previous post of Luke's promoting the option to crack these puppers open and modify, repair, etc as we please. Naturally, that led me to start thinking about using a different trackpad, potentially with multi touch/gestures capability.

Admittedly, I know only so much concerning laptop hardware, so I figured it might be worth asking some of the questions here in addition to searching for them.

Primarily, I'm wondering if trackpads use standardized ribbon cables/connectors, and if not, what type does the Pinebook use? Does the PB trackpad mount differently to others? There are certainly more questions, such as sourcing a similarly sized trackpad to the Pinebook (I initially thought of the MBA trackpad, but the shape looks wider and I'm unsure of mounting for MBA or PB) but I think finding the right replacement would be heavily reliant on the connectors and mounting so that can wait.

If there's anything I haven't observed but you have, let me know! I haven't cracked my PB open yet, as I'm still in the midst of software setup, but this idea seemed interesting and I thought others may have shared a similar thought or take interest in it, too.

Trackpad is a semi custom part and no easy to find a replacement.

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