Damaged / poorly-soldered ports?
I've just received my Rock64 and discovered that unfortunately a lot of the ports (plus some extra things) are misaligned and/or damaged. Not severe enough to interfere with its operation (I hope), but as I'm hoping to put this in a Pi case I may struggle a bit with them like this.

The cardboard box it came in doesn't have any signs of damage, and no pins appear to be bent or broken, so this doesn't seem like shipping damage but rather poor quality assembly.

What is the best course of action right now? I'm able to re-solder most of these parts myself but would rather not do that to a brand new board unless absolutely necessary...

The affected parts are:
Power jack (bent up and sideways), IR sensor (leaning sideways), USB3 port (leaning down/forwards), USB2 ports (damaged on the bottom), Ethernet (bent top which may be normal, slightly melted on the bottom), Power button (rotated), GPIO headers (inconsistent solder, possibly dry joints).

[Image: yYnJoOm.jpg] [Image: xEARTfd.jpg] [Image: CBVRcpn.jpg] [Image: d5XCvWc.jpg] [Image: supQ0tZ.jpg]

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