BerryBoot for PINE64
Hello everyone, it should be nice to have BerryBoot for Pine64. Perhaps it already exists...

(04-24-2016, 02:09 AM)LeRoms77 Wrote: Hello everyone, it should be nice to have BerryBoot for Pine64. Perhaps it already exists...


So I think berryboot is a light operating system that opens, then opens up an image in either a chroot or some other format. Like a virtual machine or something.

The result is, you have this system that lets you use multiple operating systems without having to deal with the limitations and costs of a larger onboard sd card. You can boot that image from practically any storage. Swapping between them is fast because load times on arm processors are just soo fast.

Then because of the way that image mounts, your free space is limited to the actual free space on the disk, for each image. It's a really neat way of doing things.

But I don't think we're there yet. It would be really great if someone from the community reached out to doku, or better yet, compiled the thing from the github (, but the pine64 dev just doesn't seem to be there yet.

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