testing android on RP64
Hi there,

I just got my RockPro64 and tested a few linux images but was blocked by the fact that after some time the board would freeze. I would like to test the board with android now but just realized that every image on the wiki are marked "not Android TV" except of the 50G one. 

-> Does that mean that if I load these image on my SD and boot the board with a HDMI plugged to a TV screen (projector to be more precise) it will not display anything? I tested one this morning before going to work and I had no signal on my screen.

I assume the 50Go 7.1 is not just the image and will need manual compilation? Alse I'll need a bigger SD to test it Big Grin

Thank you for anyone helping.
I remember there being an android Tv image somewhere but it think it was brought down, I would recommend you install any of the latest android versions that are in the wiki page, they are tablet(phone) versions, you have to install playstore on your own but I would say any android build you choose will be much more stable than your past experience, for a android tv feel you can add your own launcher, good luck, you still have issues there are many guides out there as well as forum post adressing any issue you may face, if nothing works join irc channel or discord, surely some one will help you.
Thank you for that, I'm still testing images from both Android and Linux to find what will work best. I like the simplicity of android but fear I'll not be able to use SATA & Data backup with it. If anyone tried I'm interested in knowing the result!

I might test adding my own launcher but will try to exhaust all other options first!

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