Looking for a NAS/Transmission solution without the Pi 3 Bottlenecks, also Canada Q
Hello all,

So I’m wanting to venture down the rock64 path after having it suggested by multiple people. 

Currently I am trying to run libreelec with OpenVPN and transmission from a Pi 3/3B+ and it’s been a real pain. Between the insane bottlenecks with transfers over 8MB/s via transmission to hangs when streaming from USB it’s just been an insanely frustration. 

I am hoping to retire my DNS-320L which current contains 2 drives, a 2TB and 3TB WD NAS drive, so I was planning on purchasing the board, the NAS enclosure, the SATA cable and the 12V power brick because better safe than sorry. 

I presume the fan in the store would be a wise purchase?

Is there anything else I might need? I don’t care about booting from eMMC as I don’t see a benefit over a good 128gb SDHC card I currently am repurposing from my switch, had to upgrade. 

Also, my other concern was the shipping time and method to Canada. I see that most shipments come via DHL but I’ve had issues in the past getting hit with duties and taxes for large shipments. Looking arbitrary the total I fear I may push over $25, but looking st the Canadian store, the Rockpro64 is $140CDN(!!!) so even if I was hit, the savings would be massive. 

Lastly, what’s the deal on shipping speed/times? I see more stock is expected on the 12th, should I assume a 30ish day turnaround considering its coming from China?

I’m a bit wary as it’s a good amount of money and unlike buying from amazon I don’t expect to have flexible returns, so I need to know for sure this will work. 

My expectation would be to copy my Pi 3 setup here, loading Libreelec and running OpenVPN with transmission, but I do not know if the plugins will work seamlessly on the hardware. 

Thanks in advance!
You might want to check out ameridroid.com - they are a distributor in California that carries Pine64 products. Their prices are a little higher than ordering directly from Pine64, but you can receive your order faster. They do ship to Canada.

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