Rock 64 seem like a dead end
(03-17-2019, 08:06 PM)munocat Wrote: I just purchased the Rock 64, got the board yestaday. 

I was hopping for it to be my main development Linux machine for my IoT devices. I have been using Raspberry pi's but the 1 GB ram has effecting my ability to watch YouTube, have multiple web pages open, python IDE and a few terminals.

I purchased a Rock64 with 4GB with the hope of a solution. I have tried Ambian, debain, ubuntu, archlinux and diet pi. all seem to be linux 4.4.174. It seems they all pull from the ayufan. All these distributions are great.

Here is the failure, the A/V audio does not work, and appears has never worked (over a year). works in andriod BTW. 

I think the Rock64 is E.O.L (end of line).

Old Linux kernel (I can live with this) and no a/v.

This board will join my other SBC and donate it cycles to setiathome.

Question, does any body know of a great 64bit Linux SBC with has great performance and OS support that meets my needs of Enough memory to run youtube (720p) and multiple tabs in the web browser?

You can look at RockPro64 if you want to use a Pine64 board. However the downside of the Pine64 boards is the small community (not trying to offend anyone) and lack of feedback from the developers of the boards. There are many questions on the forum which have been posted months ago and still have no solution, even not a simple response. It's a pity that many people are frustrated with Pine64 because their hardware has great specs, but the lack of support or feedback, small community are huge showstoppers

Odroid boards have a huge community and support, they roll out updates frequently and recently they introduced a new board called Odroid N2. The boards from Odroid have great distributions of Linux, Android and other OSes for retrogaming or media playback.

After several years of research I found out that a great board is not all about hardware specs but it's community and support. It's probably the 75% of the success of your project.

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