When is it possible to purchase "rock64 rev.3" from "PINE STORE" ?
I already own three "rock64".
So, i do not plan to purchase the same items anymore.

In "revision 3",
I heard that there was an upgrade in the function part of "rtc & sdmmc".
In addition, also some people have already obtained it.

Please tell me how to surely get "Revision 3".
(03-08-2019, 01:39 AM)t4_4t Wrote: Please tell me how to surely get "Revision 3".

Hahaha  Undecided  . "PINE64" is so "open" hardware company that it is impossible to get any realistic hardware release timeframe. Rev3 with basic corrections (RTC connector and swapped SPI pins) was disused to be released in 2017Q4 (presented at FOSDEM2018), than promised 2018Q2, 2018Q3 (PoE aware magnetics update, presented at FOSDEM2019), 2019Q4 ... and now 2019Q2 (PoE magnetics lead-time delay). I already give up any waiting and buy Rev2 and make some hardware patching on this revision. My personal hint about release - not before 2019Q3 (or later after sellout older Rev2 hardware). (check also podcast - no exact timeframe for anything (now waiting for linux upstream to implement power management and GPU+VPU acceleration ! (expecting minimum 1-2 year delay for PineBookPro and PinePhone)), no manufacturing data published)
I left this community in Aug 2019 due to PINE64 refusal to produce/deliver ROCK64-1G version 3 after more than one year of changing statuses to "planning", "evaluating", "releasing", "availability", "estimated availability" and finally "no schedule" Angry. ROCK64 is dead platform without any advantage. Buy Raspberry PI 4 !
Thank you.

Since I have been looking at this community for about 2 years,
I can understand the main point of your remarks well.
However, this time there are people actually obtained as indicated by url above.
(But it may be an item provided for development ?)

So, I thought it was finally released.


However, u-boot seems to have problems as expected.
Personally, I wanted to confirm the issue with the real item.

So I asked how to surely get it.

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