Pine64 Board Appeared Dead (SOLVED)
Hi All,
  I received my Pine64 2 Gig board as promised.  When I got it, I immediately took to getting it up and running, however, I was quickly stumped. 

First, the light was red, which usually indicates an error, I read up and found that it is just the color of the power light.

Second, I loaded Android on an SD card following the instructions, but when I plugged the board in nothing would appear on the screen. The red light was lit up, but it seemed like the thing was dead. Nothing showed on the screen. I tried Remix, but no difference. I began to suspect that I had a bad board. Tonight, the thought occurred to me, that maybe it wasn't the board. I plugged the board into my TV and found it was working just fine.  The problem was my HDMI to DVI computer monitor setup.  I believe the resolution of the board exceeded what my monitor could handle, and therefore just didn't display anything at all. I still have no idea how to dial back the resolution so my monitor will work, but that is a solvable problem. At least I know the board is good.

If you suspect your board is dead, try hooking it up to an HDMI TV input. 

Hope this helps others,


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