Customised (encrypted) eMMC installation using Anarsoul's ArchLinux
Yet another update to an otherwise dead thread, but just in case it may benefit someone:

After having left my Pinebook 1080p sitting around for months while I had some other stuff on the front burner, I just pulled it out and updated it. Still no pre-packaged DKMS module or staging driver for the wifi is included in the mainline Arch Arm packages or kernel. Manjaro's build still has the 8723cs driver loaded automagically from staging now (no DKMS), but transplanting the modules from their package/live image fails with exec error due to being compiled against the Manjaro kernel source. Thankfully, after sifting through no fewer than 10 forks of the old icenowy 8723cs driver, I finally found one that compiles on the now-current 5.17.x mainline vanilla Arch Arm kernel: 8723cs

The only caveat is that I had to add "-Wno-date-time" to the CFLAGS section of the makefile to keep it from choking on a warning (which the compiler treats as an error). 

Once installed, the driver has been working very well. It looks like I've finally got my encrypted ebook reader and media control machine back  Smile

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