Powering a portable HDD
Hi there,
I've got a little project with my pine in which I need to use a portable HDD to it. The thing is that it seems that it's not working correctly. I'm not sure about the model of pine A64 I'm using, I'm using the one that got shipped at the release of the Kickstarter fundraising, and I'm trying to make it work with a Western Digital Portable Essentials 2To (WDBU6Y0020BBK). Actually the hard drives makes a clicking noise while my pine is trying to access it, and after a little research I've found out that it might not be receiving enough power from the usb port (since the hdd is working perfectly on my computer).
Now that I've identified the problem I'm not sure at all about how to tackle this issue. Is the easiest solution to use a powered USB hub, or is there something fancier that would take less space (or are there even single USB powered "hubs")?
Oh by the way I'm powering the Pine board with a Samsung Travel Adapter which outputs 5.0V 1.0A.

5V 1A power adapter is definitely not enough for powering Pine and also HDD. Try a more powerful power adapter, if it will not help, USB Hub with external power supply should fix this issue Smile .

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Gee rockpro64, has onboard hdd.. header.
But also m.2 via pci..

Amazon has a pci4 low profile m.2 nvme adapter...
Wile the pine store has a more traditional full hight pcie4x.
It may barely fit in the playbox case.

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You could buy a data/power splitter. This is the one I use to attach a 3TB external drive to my Nexus 5 phone running Ubuntu Touch.


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