ROCK64 Linux Development - Stalled?
I've been waiting for new builds to appear for the rock64, but looking at github ( over the last few months, development seems to have stalled.  I realise Ayufan is working by himself and is working on other projects like gitlab, but with the new rock64 rev 3 coming out soon and still issues with the current builds, it would be great to get some more progress on the rock64, like in 2018.

Does anyone know if Ayufan is going to ramp up his development or if anyone can help?

Really appreciate all the work he's done, but get the feeling development has stopped and considering retiring my rock 64 hardkernel n2 when it comes out.
You may check out

but there is lastly not really going on much for rk3328. At least you get some of the LTS patches from 4.4 and of course higher version numbers.
ayufan is building a new image - should be available soon
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

perhaps abandoned or dead is a better verb than stalled.
(02-24-2019, 09:46 AM)Poincare Wrote: perhaps abandoned or dead is a better verb than stalled.

I didn't want to think the worst.  I do see on github a few commits....  The rock64 rev3 will need some work to be fully supported i suspect.
i think one of the things some people miss is pine64 sells developer boards and not specifically consumer boards. there is a difference. there has never been any finished fully supported software for any of the pine64 boards. every year pine64 releases some product and tries to get a somewhat working build for it as a start. naturally pine64 will focus on the most current product. this results in the earlier products having fewer updates and becoming less finished. as far as i can tell pine64 has basically one or 2 software devs doing what are considered somewhat in house builds although it's community since they are not technically employed, maybe quasi contract. but it has been since day 1 that pine64 is a hardware company and not software although they have kinda tried to get workable builds out.
Great to see more commits and builds coming out. Hopefully the new kernels run well.
I had too many problems with this image so tried Armbian (again). I'm finding it better as a desktop OS, at the moment.
PinePhone Beta 2GB/16GB Postmarket OS v23.06.1 Phosh 0.30.0 (not in use)

PineTab2 Arch Danctnix 6.4.2

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