Rock64 OMV help needed
For starters it would be good to get some logs and more details. Good that the scenario is easy to replicate because its reoccurring.
For starters I suggest giving your omv user ssh access to omv and / or enabling root ssh access via the OMV WebGUI.

Here are a few questions that could provide some context:
1) how exactly is the HDD externally powered ?
2) what does it mean exactly that the board becomes unresponsive? (does the power LED stay on? what about the LED indicators ? the Ethernet LEDs ?)
3) if you already have enabled ssh access, have you tried to ssh into the board when 'it becomes non-responsive' ?
4) are you sure that your router doesn't change the boards IP?

Now, its possible that there are some hints in the existing logs which can be found here:
OMV WebGUI -> Diagnostics -> system log

From here grab syslog ; messages ; S.M.A.R.T and pastebin the logs in this thread.

When you encounter the same issue again, try and see if you can ssh into the board. If you can, then do grab dmesg and pastebin it here together with the previously mentioned logs.
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