Battery powered rock64
Hello, I'm working on a project and I want to power the rock64 board off an external USB battery,
I was thinking about soldering the plus and minus wires from the USB port to the plus and minus of the barrel power jack.
I know I won't get charge information or anything, but will the battery recognize that it's being used and won't automatically shut down?
does anyone have any experience with running the board on battery?
Thanks a lot,
my guess is that a usb battery pack will not be able to provide the current needed for the rock64. the power brick ratings suggested are up to 3A. are you certain that the battery you will be using can provide that ? as far as hooking it up i'd suggest frabrication or purchase of a usb A male to barrel plug cable so the battery can easily be disconnected.
I'm going to have to agree with dkryder, the rock64 while being an ARM board is kind of a power hungry little beast and I feel like running it on a battery is going to take a pretty beefy battery.

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