Pi2 Server Comparison - Rough
(04-19-2016, 10:17 AM)tkaiser Wrote:
(04-19-2016, 09:47 AM)androsch Wrote: Regarding the PIs all have just 100Mbits and my Pine at the moment also only works with a port speed of 100Mbits, there seems to be no need for me to switch from PI to Pine, as im getting about 10-11MBytes transfer rates which is caused by the network speed. So no need for the optimization at the moment, right?

Right, but I'm wondering why your Pine64 only negotiates with Fast Ethernet? Both my 2 Pine64+ worked flawlessly with various GbE capable switches and throughput was above 500 Mbits/sec in both directions tested against a MacBook that is known to exceed 940 Mbits/sec.

I dont know, i tried with different cables, routers and switches, always with GB it slows down completely nearly to zero, if i change to 100Mbits its running steady about 95Mbits with different partners.
I use the xenial image from longsleep with actual kernel/uboot and also tried to setup the sysctl changes he mentioned in issue4, but no change.
For me its ok, i dont want to use it as NAS, but a pity although.
Hopefully a mainline kernel will improve this. I really hope they at least tested their boards for those main parameters, the software checks seems have been ridiculous....

BTW: Interested to change my board versus one of yours to verify its a boad problem?

Just kidding [emoji3]

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