Slow Samba performances

I am running Ubuntu18.04.1 LTS on my RockPro64 with the 4.4.154-1124-rockchip-ayufan-ged3ce4d15ec1 kernel.

I have trouble to make samba running at full speed (I can expect almost 90MB/s) while transfering a file from the board (SD card) to my W10 desktop.
The speed start around 90 MB/s for almost 70% of the file and fall down to 30 MB/s (even less) for the remaining of the file (and for other files as well).
I test with a 2.5 GB file.

When I transfert a file from my QNAP, I run at 100 MB/s.

Does anybody know how to boost samba preformance ? Boost SD card accesses ?
Problem with the SD card ?

Thank you in advance

I guess the SD card could be the performance bottle neck.
Try with a NVMe SSD, SATA drive, or a good performance USB3 flash drive.
Or if your RP64 has 4GB memory, you can simply use memory based disk.
# mount -t tmpfs none /some/where/
Is your Samba server speaking at least SMB2 protocol?
(I think it chooses terrible SMB1 if you don't tell it otherwise.)

Edit your conf:
min protocol = SMB2

Then, systemctl restart smbd.service

If you have a suitably good version of Samba you might be able to specify SMB3 but that excludes all pre-Win10 devices and Samba SMB3 support is still limited, ymmv, etc.

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