REQUEST: Guide to build Android images for SD / eMMC.
Haven't found any... tips appreciated.
(11-18-2018, 08:11 PM)duckkcud Wrote: Haven't found any... tips appreciated.

I have the same request, anyone please post a step by step tutorial how to build an image for rockpro using the 7.1 SDK.

Help is appreciated!

Hello people,

I found this document in the SDK, there's lots of pdf files and other documentation, however you need to unpack the SDK archive to get to them. 

Anyway, this manual explains what you need to do to build it, starting at page 8.

Here is a link to all the Docs and tools I extracted from the archive (still uploading at the time of posting, should be done in 15 min):

Sorry but I can't figure out how to upload a file here directly.

For a while I was trying to find the location of the boot partition on the disk. Now, after compiling everything, it exported a 'parameter.txt' file with the location of each partition. Now I will probably be able to only write the boot partition, which is what I was interested in, I'm trying to activate the SPI bus.

Link to post on how to flash emmc with android, no emmc needed, includes video for visual aid

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