How to adjust screen brightness?
Pinebook 11.6", 1080P, running Q4OS.

How can I adjust the screen brightness?

Previously, when I was running KDE Neon, there was a brightness slider in the battery monitor in the system tray. 

But in Q4OS, I don't see any such control.
You can add "lcd dimmer" applet on the system panel, right click on the panel > unlock panels > right click on the panel > add applet to the panel > select and add lcd dimmer.
or: position mouse pointer on the power save application in the system tray and scroll mouse wheel to change brightness.

If you want to adjust dpi settings to increase fonts size, you can run in terminal:
$ sudo sh /usr/share/apps/q4os_system/bin/ 120
$ sudo reboot
Thank you for the reply, q4osteam, but -
- there is no "unlock panels" command
- there is no "add applet to the panel" command
- there is no "lcd dimmer" applet

I am running Q4OS with the KDE Plasma DE, if that makes a difference. Is there any way to change the screen brightness?

The font size command doesn't seem to work, either:

adminq@pinebook1080p:~$ sudo sh /usr/share/apps/q4os_system/bin/ 150
[sudo] password for adminq:
old args: -dpi 150 -nolisten tcp
new args: -dpi 150 -nolisten tcp
Commands above makes effect within the Trinity desktop. Anyway, you should be able to change brightness using terminal command:
$ xbacklight -set<xx>
replace "xx" with the brightness percentage value, for example:
$ xbacklight -set99
Thank you, q4osteam. That terminal command works.

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