Rock64 2GB Version Can't output 4K Signal
Hi Guys,

I'm new to Rock64. I made a retro-game platform for my son using Raspberry Pi 0 W. Now I'm going to make a 4K video player for myself.

I've got a brand new Rock64 with 2GB RAM onboard. I tried to use Android TV + Kodi combination. And Kodi can play the video file encoded in H.265 and 4K resolution very well. But I can't get 4K signal from my Rock64, it can only output 1080p signals to my Sony TV (It does support 4K resolution). Even 2160p option is unavailable in the HDMI settings of all the versions of ATV. 

Could someone tell me how to get 4K signal from my Rock64 with ATV?

Thanks a lot!
Hi Guys,

I've solved the problem. The reason that I can't get 4K signal output is the HDMI cable. The HDMI cable I used before do not support 4K signal. 4K signal comes when I replace the cable with a 2.0 version HDMI cable.

Thanks a lot!

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