Max. CPU Frequency
Hi Guys,

running reflects a CPU freq of max. 1416.00 MHz.
I though I have read that the ROCKPRO64 cpu can run up to 1500 MHz?
Btw. the SoC Temp at this time was 52.22°C (with heatsink mounted)

How comes that it runs ~80MHz slower?
How to clock it up to its max. frequency, are all cores actually running on the same clock speed?

OK, the current Ayufan releases are aiming for stability rather than bleeding edge so are deliberately not pushing any CPU clock boundaries. That may come later. Nope they do not all run at the same speed: the 4 A53 cores run at one speed (currently 1416 max), the 2 A72s run at another speed (currently 1800 max).

Also, as per the title that script is aimed at the ROCK64 so does not report on the other 2 (big) cores. I use gkrellm & gkrellm-cpufreq on my desktop to see what my cores are doing.
sudo cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu4/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq
will show what your A72s are currently doing.
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