Finally had a moment to run quick tests:

Tekken 6 same settings as posted above on RPI 3 B:

21-28/60 with LARS
31-42/60 with some other characters

Tweaks make it more constant but never past a stable 30FPS. In result, its barely playable(~ish) with frameskip =1 (so 30fps) at PSPx1.
Different boards and different SOCs, so performance varies from emulator to emulator. It so happens that ppsspp performs poorly on the RK3328.

Mupen64 is a different story however - it performs significantly better and most consistent on the Rock64 than on RPI 3.

For those wanting a good PSP experience, you'll have to wait for a port of Recalbox to the RockPro64 Smile
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Hi guys,

do you forecast any new update, or must it be considered the final release?


(09-25-2018, 11:17 AM)Danielsan Wrote: Hi guys,

do you forecast any new update, or must it be considered the final release?



No, there will be fixes and improvements coming (perhaps a beta v3). Currently working on the Pro alpha - fixes from this work will translate to the Rock64. The final release will come from Recalbox after they take over maintenance of the source code sometime later this year.
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If Recalbox for the Pro is going to be much superior than the Rock64 I am going to buy the RockPro too! Big Grin
(09-25-2018, 02:10 PM)Danielsan Wrote: Thanks!

If Recalbox for the Pro is going to be much superior than the Rock64 I am going to buy the RockPro too! Big Grin

So far, I've been blown away with the performance on the Pro
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

@ mrfixit2001

Hello sir,

while I was writing into the Recalbox forum I realized that was better asking directly to you.
I remind you shortly that my pad doesn't work properly with the beta's but worked fine with the first apha, so while I was looking for a workaround I found this page where my pad, GameSir G3, is reported as problematic.

Hence I was thinking I can deactivate or switching the current driver and install manually the "alpha driver" and then activate it as kernel module if it is a kernel module. The best way would be having, even through ssh, the option to select the driver which best works with your pad.

Please let me know if switching, replacing, downgrading the pad driver if feasible.

Thanks in advance,

Hi all,

these weekend I had time to play a bit with Recalbox, I mean testing it. I added up to 4K roms almost 8bit and 16bit generations and then I setup an overlay scanlines for each system. For each system the graphic had a lot of weird artifacts, while with the shaders the graphic is fine while the sound emulation is laggy, with the Alpha version and almost the same quantity of Roms I didn't have artifacts on screen. Other issues were the frequent crashes, for each system every three roms the system got freeze or simply restarted. I can't say if because the overlays or because the high numbers or roms available, unfortunately the log systems it is not very friendly, it just shows what happened with the last rom you played. Is there a way to improve the quality and quantity of the logs available? Without logs is difficult to understand as well as catching bugs and system issues.


Hi guys,

Is the project in stand-by? ?
Danielsan - sorry for the late reply! Been working on some tweaks to the RockPro64 Recalbox build, as well as a new RetroPie build for both Wink
To address your comments... it's interesting that the alpha build didn't have those artifacts or gamepad issues. A LOT changed from alpha to beta, including updating virtually all of the libraries in buildroot as well as updating the kernel itself to the latest (at the time) commit. Narrowing down the root cause of both is difficult without specific error messages to go off of. There will be more updates to come, including yet another rebase on the buildroot libraries as well as custom patches to greatly increase the run speed of reicast, ppsspp, and mupen. I don't have a date to give you yet, all I can tell you is that good things are coming. As always, thank you so much for your patience, testing, and feedback!
Thank you Mrfixit, is there a way to improve the quality of the logs to have better understanding on what is going on when the system crash? Thanks!

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