Rockpro intermittentcy (again)

Recently, I dug my Rockpro module out of the store cupboard and had another try at getting it to work.

This time I was using the latest Linux prerelease :-



Hdmi monitor connected
5.1V (measured) 8A power supply
1GB ethernet connected
NVME adaptor and 120G Samsung ssd connected
USB keyboard and mouse connected
serial console connected.
Linux version as above on Emmc card installed.
No wifi

1. Plug power jack into board, instant boot, then continual exception reported.
2. reset and reboot   Continual exception reported
3. Removed NVME adaptor card, rebooted   NO exception, Monitor showed boot, eventually showing LXDE login screen.  Attempted to log in,  exception thrown,  system rebooted on its own
4.  Rebooted manually again,  got log in screen on monitor, logged in, system wen to blank screen and locked up had to remove power and restart.
5. Restart successful, logged into LXDE got to menu, ran browser, got connected to websites.  NO errors shown on console.
6. Powered down, reinstalled NVME card.... instant continuous exceptions.   NOTE.  This card and SSD was working OK in bionic miminal, previous release.
7. Removed NVME card and restarted,  got to LXDE boot screen but could not log on, not showing characters from USB keyboard.

People say that these sorts of errors are software related,  I still believe they are due to improper initialisation of the board at boot / power on!  

ONCE a successful boot occurs then the system appears to work correctly with NO errors shown.  The problem is getting to that desired state!

BTW,  after several boots,  the Rockpro complains that it needs to do a fsck on the root file system, but it cannot because the file structure is broken.

This can be seen if you take an SD card with a Rockpro system on it and try to mount it on a Linux system. The Rockpro software is the only iso I have ever seen that cannot be mounted on a Linux system.  The Linux error is that the Ext4 file system does not contain a journel,  which is fine for an sd card, but screws up  the  mount and fsck utilities, in both Linux Mint and in the Rockpro system.

Back to the cupboard with the Rockpro, and the new disk case for a few more weeks.



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