PCI-E Express card with SIM card slot for rockpro running android 8
Hi ,

Has anyone tried this


or something like this to add sim card slot. I am running android on rockpro 64 and want to make use of this sim card slot .

the final objective is to aggregate two WAN using speedify
I don't think that will work well.
Most WWAN cards are USB, not PCI-E.
That card runs the PCI-E pins to the connector, but has a separate header for USB, which you would need to somehow populate.
That would be useful for WLAN though, as most of them are PCI-E based.

There are USB to WWAN converters with integrated SIM slots, I have one and it works extremely well.
what PCIE card will actually work with android running on rockpro64 ?
Unfortunately I don't believe such a device exists.
The reason for this is LTE WWAN cards are almost exclusively USB 2.0 based.
The protocol is simpler and cheaper to implement than PCIe, and since they don't need the bandwidth why bother.

A few searches only turn up these form factor cards.
You may be able to find a card that has a USB to PCIe converter chip for an mPCIe/m.2 slot.
A properly designed card would have a PCIe switch with a USB chip to provide both PCIe and USB to the mPCIe/m.2 slot.
It's still a waste of a 1x slot's bandwidth, let alone a 4x slot.

5g will require USB 3.0 or PCIe to provide full speed, but those devices don't exist in the consumer market yet.

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