Assembly Programming in Pine64
(04-13-2016, 05:29 AM)mustaphos Wrote: Is it possible to program the pine64 in pure assembly?
If it is possible in which compiler can i program it and how can i upload my code to the board?
For example: Get 2 64 bit numbers from memory, add them in registers and store them in the memory?

The pine uses an A64 SOC which incorporates a quad core A53 CPU. The A53 implements the Armv8-A architecture. (so much digging to get to the meat)

Is it possible, I would imagine it is. However you are entering into a land with very few players, I'd be surprised to find more than 5 that bought a pine that have ever coded anything in assembler.  To further complicate matters you are going to have issues with other things connected to the CPU that use binary blobs instead of open source. Getting assembly level programming info for something closed source like the Mali 400, you can probably forget that. Not trying to sound discouraging just dont want you to get surprised. has lots of relvant info, including compilers. Gno binutils should also possibly work. 

As for uploading code on the board, if you are planning on running just your assembled code you are going to need info on the boot system etc and other parts that I dont know if you will get a lot of success with. Good luck!

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