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NetBSD for Pinebook
(05-29-2018, 04:23 AM)jmcneill Wrote: You haven't done anything wrong, I've only built packages for 32-bit ARM at this point (the 64-bit ARM NetBSD port is only a few months old). I replaced that part of the web site with instructions for building packages from source with pkgsrc.

Ah ok! Smile What would be the url for these instructions you are referring to please?-)
(05-29-2018, 11:04 AM)rookieone Wrote: Ah ok! Smile What would be the url for these instructions you are referring to please?-)

Same URL as in the OP - http://www.invisible.ca/arm/
Is there any work in progress to support pinebook's wifi in NetBSD? (I'm just curious)

Based on downloading and giving it a try yesterday, I'd say that it hasn't changed, still no wifi. That said, startx does bring up a GUI screen (twm) and my USB ethernet adaptor works.
Something to keep in mind is NetBSD is NOT Linux, it has existed in it's current form for arguably longer. It does stuff it's own way.

You install the base OS, then choose which desktop you want and install it separately. You mostly install stuff from source using pkgsrc if there are no pre-built packages, it's a pretty ingenious system. It also works on other operating systems.

If you read the documentation at http://www.netbsd.org, it works for most hardware platforms, including the Pinebook. There's no special instructions specifically for the Pinebook that are required for the most part, other than getting it installed. Once it's install it will work like any other NetBSD system.
Added NetBSD [201811111550Z] for 1080P Pinebook on Wiki and PINE64 Installer

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