Pine64 was a Useless Project
I don't think i buy it only $19 PineA64 will make me suffer over for 3 years. Is this pain beyond reality?
your life only this money ?
In fact, the development of allwinner should be much harder than ROCKCHIP.
If I am wrong please correct my content , thank !

1. Use Pine64 Running Ubuntu 16.04 Web Server ( LAMP )

2. Use Pine64 Running Official Android 6  for Media player
3. Use Pine64 Running Volumio Digital Audio Player

Slower generally means lower power, which is a good thing for running on batteries.  I have 3 Raspberry Pi Zeroes and a Pocket Beagle.  Curious about the Pinebook.

If they could get displays to build them, an interesting approach might be to have a place to plug in the SBC of your choice.  Sell it without one or optionally with one.  It's the display, keyboard, touchpad, battery environment I'm looking for.
I was one of the first to pledge on KS, and my board was DOA after about a month of messing with it. At least you guys got a board that worked for you. I am not complaining, I understand that it was $20 and that it was a valiant first attempt by the company. I am considering ordering up one of the new generation of the boards just to give it a go. I am no developer or even very knowledgeable about SBCs in general but I do tinker with some of the other companies offerings.

The reason for my post is to just say that it is good of the company to allow people to voice their opinions about the product. If nothing else, it lets the company know what people are thinking about their products. Yes, the product was oversold, but what company in their initial offering doesn't do that? All in all, it was/is a $20 board, less than half the price of a Pi, and I hope that the company will continue to refine their products.
...Semper Fidelis...
I'm reading this thread with much interest because I've been looking for a SBC that is more powerful than a RPi for a mesh parallel computing project.

Pine64's low energy specification and price make it a candidate. Another contender is the UP board, and of course RPi3+ If I say it is "crypto mining" I hope I don't alienate too many community members! For protoyping I need 10 or 20 devices. I am planning to take this to Kickstarter: either as a share-equity issue, or a very modest reward-based proposal with an ambitious stretch target.

Given the overwhelming success of Pine's original KickStarter campaign and the "we are not software developers" response to the many issues on this forum, I have the following questions:

(a) Would any (disatisfied) non-user OWNERS of existing Pine64 hardware like to donate their kit to such a project?
(b) Is there any appetite for collaboration or sponsorship from the owners? Who are they? Who do I need to speak to?
© What interest or experience of Mesh, CUDA and computationally intensive parallel processing exists in the Pine community?
(d) Does anyone have any appetite for a collaborative project that will involve a lot of "configuration fixes"?

Or is it a shambles and best left alone? I'd really appreciate some feedback on this.
@SimonMasters you are about 3 weeks too late because after having 2 pine64 listed for sale for ~ 1 year someone bought them. otherwise if you paid shipping you could have them. the owner is tllim he is a mod of sorts. mesh and cuda on this board are a big question mark. i can't remember any discussion. mesh = maybe and cuda = i doubt it since the processing power needed just is not there. shambles, in my opinion, is a good descriptor. but hey, there are thousands of pine64s living productive lives in certain use cases. good luck.

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