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NextCloudPi image for Rock64, NC version 13.0.2.
[Image: ncp-web-feat.png]

The NCP image for Rock64 has been released.  NCP comes not only with Nextcloud preinstalled, but also with management tools for backups, SSL certificates, SAMBA, enhanced security and more.

Feedback is very welcome

Find it in the Downloads section -> nextcloudpi.com
Thank you ! Smile Stickied.
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Can it be installed along with openmediavault ?
(05-14-2018, 05:10 PM)Zuzuitu Wrote: Can it be installed along with openmediavault ?

I think so, but haven't tried myself. There is one user in the Telegram group that is happily using the docker version with an OMV image.

It should work, as long as there is no collision with HTTP ports and stuff, so it might require a bit of extra configuration.

Let us know if you try this Smile
Got this installed, and it is asking for username and password. I can't seem to find the defaults anywhere. If you could please provide them, that would be appreciated.
Added NextCloudPi (ROCK64) 2018_05_10 on Wiki and PINE64 Installer.
(05-18-2018, 02:30 AM)pineadmin Wrote: Added NextCloudPlus (ROCK64) 2018_05_10 on Wiki and PINE64 Installer.


please, could you rename all references from NCPlus to NCPi again? we are renaming again because of branding issues with NC marketing. Thanks

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