Debian to eMMC?
(05-04-2018, 12:59 PM)Hoerli Wrote: Hello!
I am the proud owner of a new ROCK64
I have already tried Android and would like to install a "normal" system on the ROCK.

Currently there is only Xenial Mate for the eMMC chip.
This is currently running, but not really stable / good.
It hangs when you update. So I had to reinstall the system 4 times.
Is there an easy way to get e.g. Debian on the eMMC chip?
So far I only found a manual with a console cable, but I don't own one.

Hope there will be a good possibility to install e.g. Linux Mint soon. To be honest, I also like the Cinnamon surface more than mate.

The easy way to get a Debian build onto an eMMC module is to use the USB carrier device ( ) and just load the SD image onto it!

As for the desktop that you want, Cinnamon and Gnome3 are way too resource hungry for the board; they'll run but it's like wading through tar!  KDE is just about usable, but it's still far from responsive!  Mate runs quick and smooth, and both xfce and LXDE are quick if not so smooth!

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