Hi rock64 users!

I only found out about the rock64 a few days ago and couldn't believe it when I discovered it has been available for almost a year now! I'm a longtime ARM Linux fan. I got interested in ARM Linux by reading about Corel's Netwinder on Slashdot many moons ago but my ARM Linux journey didn't really begin until I got a SHARP Zaurus SL-3000 in about 2005. That was my 'second Amiga'. I still have it and it works great. I was the first person to get Arch Linux running on the 3000. I also own a Bananapi, a Pandaboard which I housed in the case of an Amiga 600 and an iMX6 SABRE lite board, amongst other devices.

The rock64 seems to be almost everything I've being waiting for in an affordable SBC - mainly due to the USB3 bus and gige combo. I know a lot of people are disappointed that rock64 doesn't have integrated wifi or BT or camera support but for me the only real letdown is the use of Mali graphics, which cannot be used without non free drivers. I would love to see pine64 with either a Tegra X1 GPU (or K1 or anything that has working open drivers) or alternatively any of the Adreno GPUs supported by Freedreno.

I've had a look over these forums and the rock64 wiki but I still have a number of questions:

* I can't see a rock64 FAQ anywhere. Am I missing it or does it really not exist?

* I've read a few reports of people having issues such as kernel freezes/crashes or connectivity dropouts when trying to use SATA drives via the USB3 port. Is it possible to power a spinning 2.5" HD using only USB bus power on the rock64 or not? How about using SSDs via USB SATA adapters using only bus power? I have read that disabling UAS (SATA over USB) can help improve things but is that still necessary? Are USB3 disks reliable if using external power?

* What is the deal with the Xorg graphics driver? Will it only work with a specific kernel or kernel versions? Is it known to work with the latest stable mainline kernel?

* Is there any proper 2D X/DDX driver for the Mali version used in the rock64, closed or otherwise? Any plans for an open source 2D X driver?

* I've read about ayufan's kernels which made me wonder, does the latest mainline kernel support all of rock64's hardware or not? What only works using the blessed rk kernel versus mainline latest?

* I see mpv has been patched to include support for using rock64's hardware video decoder (MPP?). Has anyone tried playing any 4K, 30fps h264 or mp4 files using the MPP patched mpv?

I don't seem to be able to edit my post but another thing I've been wondering about is hardware accelerated video encoding, mainly of h264. Does it work (under Armbian)?

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