Managing Android through a Gamepad???
Hi guys,

I am trying Android (root) on my Rock64, I would like to use it with a gamepad rather then my keyboard+touchpad, the pad is working but I can only do tap/click and nothing more, all the buttons perform the same action, so I can't go back etc...

Does anyone of you have any idea how to make it possible?

Thanks in advance!
you need a mapper. there are mapper apps. they allow you map any selection [button, movement of sticks] on gamepad to any key on android keyboard.
Thank for the advice, by any chance could you suggest any apps that you like the most?

you need to match an app to the gamepad you have. some apps only cover certain pads other apps cover many but some not too well. it helps to have root with some. so you will just have to do trial and error testing. i used game controller 2 touch pro but since it is 5 bucks and requires root i suggest you look at others because even that app may not work with your controller. and to be honest i did not use it with any sbc device i used it with android tablets to get touch capability on tablet games via a gamepad. i was just answering your question on what might get you what you want to do.
Thanks for your help, however I am driving crazy. Most of the applications that can remap the buttons (like the your) are incompatible with Rock64. I have difficult to find one, so I installed one of the few that works but only as buttons checker then I discovered one pad I have (dualshock style) work the dpad and analogic sticks but the buttons, after I tried another one (saturn style) and works only 4 buttons of a total of 9 and the ones that work are insensitive to the Retroarch keybindings... I read somewhere to use "usb/bt joystick center" but it seem stuck to the 2015 and you can download it only from unsecure repository. I am pretty frustrated.
Good news, this application:

Is compatible with Rock64, it recognized all the buttons of my wired joypad, now I was able to configure "ad hoc" my gamepad cool!

Unfortunately this Android version of RetroArch does not recognize my pad yet, so I guess I have to setup them manually hence.
Just to close this thread, I have a Sega Saturn wired (and very cheap) gamepad clone which is recognized properly by Android but it lacks of analogic sticks. So I guess you need to buy a PS3 or Xbox original gamepad, or still better an android gamepad which is the best solution cause you can get for a better price a dedicated gamepad that should works out-of-the-box.
What would be good would be if PINE64 would give us a fully functional, WORKING bluetooth USB adapter (unlike the piece of garbage bought at checkout) that will truly work with Android. Then we are able to use any of the 100s of retail controllers that ALREADY frickin' work with android!!

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