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Python GPIO Library for the Rock64 (R64.GPIO)
Hey all -

I was referred here by lukasz after posting this thread wondering about using an RPi GPIO-based LCD screen.

Would installing the python GPIO library help with their drivers, which seem to be RPi-specific binaries?  

It seems to me they're apples and oranges, but I'm not a low-level h/w or s/w guy, so...

I just want a small display to show me what's happening during boot of an otherwise headless system.
(04-08-2018, 04:11 AM)i69fstop Wrote: Hi @Leapo

I have this error..running

[email protected]:/home/Rock64-R64.GPIO# sudo python R64-GPIO-test.py
Testing R64.GPIO Module...

Module Variables:
Name           Value
----           -----
GPIO.OUT       out
GPIO.IN        in
GPIO.HIGH      1
GPIO.LOW       0
GPIO.RPI_INFO  {'P1_REVISION': 3, 'RAM': '1024M', 'REVISION': 'a22082', 'TYPE': 'Pi 3 Model B', 'PROCESSOR': 'BCM2837', 'MANUFACTURER': 'Embest'}
Error: Unable to export GPIO
Error: Unable to set GPIO direction
Error: Unable to export GPIO
Error: Unable to set GPIO direction

Testing GPIO Input/Output:
You must setup() the GPIO channel first
Output State : None
You must setup() the GPIO channel as an output first
You must setup() the GPIO channel first
Input State  : None
You must setup() the GPIO channel as an output first

Testing PWM Output - DutyCycle - High Precision:
60Hz at 50% duty cycle for 1 second
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "R64-GPIO-test.py", line 58, in <module>
  File "/home/Rock64-R64.GPIO/R64/_GPIO.py", line 333, in start
  File "/home/Rock64-R64.GPIO/R64/_GPIO.py", line 350, in pwm_calc
    self.sleep_low = (1.0 / self.freq) * ((100 - self.dutycycle) / 100.0)
AttributeError: PWM instance has no attribute 'freq'
[email protected]:/home/Rock64-R64.GPIO# uname -a
Linux rock64 4.4.114-rockchip-ayufan-193 #1 SMP Sun Mar 4 20:24:21 UTC 2018 aarch64 GNU/Linux


I update to 4.4.120, it fixed the issue with IO  error

Linux rock64 4.4.120-rockchip-ayufan-209 #1 SMP Mon Apr 2 16:05:07 UTC 2018 aarch64 GNU/Linux


I had rock64 4.4.77 image. I faced the same issue with python GPIO lib. So I tried upgrading with "sudo apt-get upgrade" and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade".
After when I tried to reboot, it wasn't booting up.

Can you please share the link of the OS which is working for python GPIO library.

Add me to the "interested but not working" list. Debian Stretch 4.4.124, tried the original and the AnythingIsFine version that was edited for newer kernels. Still the same errors, unable to export GPIO and unable to set GPIO direction.
Actually, I just got it working using AnythingIsFine's modified version. For anyone else having issues (and maybe this was mentioned and I just missed it), try running it as root.
using informations found on this forum, i made a little app in C++ to use gpio lines. This works, but root is required, which is embarrassing.
I tried to add my user (rock64) on the sudo group as i've read elsewhere (§sudo usermod -a -G sudo rock64 ), but this has no effect.

Someone knows a solution to use gpio app (that uses sysfs) outside root? or another method to use gpio lines than sysfs which does not requires root?


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