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The RockPro64 has been pushed back to April
I am looking forward to this board.
(04-18-2018, 06:10 AM)speculatrix Wrote: I am looking forward to this board.

Same here things going to schedule?
Joined the forum just to be able to post here and possibly pre-order this board. Add me please?
Good news, the Rockpro64 boards tested well and pilot production just started. However,this batch has one wire modification due to PCB layout error, and the issue (at eMMC area) has been fixed and now functional. We are currently continue testing on functionality and also reliability.

Please note that FCC and CE compliance testing will proceed after pilot batch board rollout.

The Rockpro64 will be available at PINE64 store on April 27, Friday, 0:30 midnight California time which is 8:30am GMT. Please note that this is a pilot batch and quantity is limited (only allows max 2 boards per order). The next batch of Rockpro64 board will be roll out on early June.

As usual, PINED64 always reserve quota for developers and please PM me.
Good news, thanks for the update.
i sended mail to your sales account. still, i want to buy with credit card but without paypal. it will be good for me. thanks.

Can we know what is the new feature you were talking about in the OP? Or is it the wire patch Tongue

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