Flashing problems USB -> eMMC adaptor
Hello community,

I have problems with USB -> eMMC adaptor flashing.

I tryed the rooted regular Android stock image.
Android do not load, I wait more than 30min. no devices attached to the board.
Android regular from ayufan, the same, doesn't load.

I tryed Etcher and discimager, nothing.

Libreelec by Raybuntu Leia 23 works, the image boot well.
The android TV by ayufan works fine.
That means I don´t make too many mistakes with flashing.

Connect the eMMC to the adaptor,
plug in windows pc,
start Etcher or discimager,
safe unmount,
put it on the rock64,

Is that the right way ?!??

But I´m looking for a rooted regular version!!
Where is the problem??
Why the regular versions doesn´t work?

Hope someone can help.

Thanks a lot,
If you are saying you have used the usbemmc adaptor has worked for some images for you, then the images not work for you are probably wrong images to use with usbemmc adaptor. I don't think the ones say that microsd to EMMC or eMMC boot are for use with usbemcc adaptor.
I used usbemmc adaptor with the Android 7.1.2 Stock Image [microSD Boot] [Rooted] [20171204] to put into my emmc and my rock64 booted with the emmc.
Thanks, this version works on eMMC.

I never thought that I should install the SD version on eMMC!
Yea, I too am not a fan of the naming and description of the images. Yet another to-do thing on my list for next week ...
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