HDMI output 1280x1024 in any distro
I'm looking to drive this resolution but nothing I've done so far - in any of the distros - has been able to support this resolution.  Currently I'm trying to configure DietPi manually but I just get a blank screen;  DietPi (with LXDE) also fails to return the image if it blanks due to screen timeout (which I also can't change properly).  I've tried all of the major offerings that I can find but nothing seems to work properly.

It seems so far that unless you're equipped to run 1920x1080, 1280x720, 800x600 or 720x480 you're not going to get anywhere;  is this some kind of hardware and/or screen driver issue with the Rock64's chipset?

The lxrandr program permits only these resolutions (auto seems to default to 1920x1080 which my video system squashes to display).   For reference I tried driving a Pi via this monitor (with its HDMI <> VGA adaptor) and it works ok;  I've run other HDMI outputs through this config as well (PC) and they displayed without issue.

Text display is also distorted, I think the system is desperately trying to output 1920x1080 and my adaptor is trying to compensate.   I've tried some of the manual modifications for text but desktop GUI configuration still eludes me.

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
well, what you want is a 5:4 ratio & hd is 16:9 ratio. it may be possible to do a 5:4 via changes to the kernel or device tree but my suggestion is to log on to the rock64 chat and ask ayufan [dev] for best advice. for some background on ratios and resolutions see,
aah thanks dkryder - I'll look into that, I was very surprised when I couldn't achieve more than a very narrow range of resolutions and I went down the path of having done something wrong... I have a plant to use a series of SBCs to produce live monitor displays using 4:3 screens (very cheap and more suitable for the layout I want to use).

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