Pine64 as a viable desktop replacement ? here are my thoughts!
Viable Desktop on Pine?

Sounds like an oxymoron!

I've found the RPi3 to be VASTLY more stable and faster than Pine at just about everything I throw at it... It helps that the Raspberry PI foundation develop a ROCK SOLID platform to run on the hardware... I'm not trying to take anything away from the awesome work that Longsleep does.... but that can't be easy - doing it for free! It would be nice if the "VENDOR" could throw in a few thousand hours of manpower to get this "super computer" working nicely with Linux...

And the Orange Pi+ 2E with Armbian is orders of magnitude faster and more stable than Pine64...

the only Pine (I've got 2 x 2 GB) that I use regularly runs headless with Armbian... and I've removed the $10 wifi "hat" because it's just too flaky and bluetooth has never worked for me...
my thoughts are that this pine64 2GB plus is a viable short term 'replacement' for a desktop that is currently not working. or, to use as a desktop while the main one is busy with something. there is just not enough memory or cpu/gpu power to make the pine64 a good daily desktop unless the user can deal with the overall slowness which i just do not want to. i want a more overall responsive unit. now, i realize there are those who can live with the pine64 as is and that is great but i've reached a point in life where i want the most responsive desktop i can afford to use most of the time. i have found that at a price point of 1,000US there are several really nice desktops out there in amazon land. thing is these pine64's are great units, my second one is on the way along with 4 padi units. there is a lot of stuff i hope to get done with them. just not an everyday goto desktop.

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