Thinking about byuing a Rock64 and some question before
Hello together,

I'm thinking about byuing a Rock64 with 4GB board for my next project.

Here are the "must haves" for my project:

  • running mainline kernel
  • hardware video decoding
  • working I²S interface (just playback, so output)
  • working I²C
  • GPIO

Why is mainline a must have: the project is a kind of media center, but for a car and fully integrated into present bus system. To control and integrate them I have to implement an own kernel module for bus transceiver IC and I'm not in the mood to mess around with old stuff (like 3.x kernel).

I had a look into 4.14.8 kernel tree and find a DTS for Rock64, so I²C looks good. I²S is not enabled in this DTS, but in rk3328.dtsi is configured, as compatible to rk3066. The driver rockchip_i2s.c in sound/soc/rockchip/ defined as compatible to rk3066, so it looks promising.

Many thanks Smile
Hi, it is probably easier to discuss a bit in the #rock64 IRC channel and summarize that here later...
Come have a chat in the Pine IRC channel >>
Thank you for a fast answer.

I'll try this Smile

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