For those with PhoenixCard "Error" during Burn
(04-04-2016, 08:13 AM)Keex Wrote: Good information that is true I guess, but i think the advantage of the Diskpart step is that in some cases the partitions on the SD card can be pretty messed up from previous failed attempts (mine was) and this assured at least some vanilla state that PhoenixCard then could work of.

Again: Phoenix Card will repartition the SD card anyway so it's absolutely useless to wipe something out in an earlier step. If Phoenix Card stops at the beginning, the button next to "Burn" is the right one to fix this problem. And every subsequent error reported by Phoenix Card is a clear sign of detected data corruption. And then the solution is not a workaround found in a forum with mostly questionable contents in the meantime (LeMaker's) but instead to check the reason the error occurs.

So the right advise would be to CHECK the whole card together with card reader first before even trying to use Phoenix Card to burn something on it. It is still a well known and also well understood problem that SD cards might be faulty and that card readers in high-speed mode start to corrupt data after some time of constant sequential writing.

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