Doubts about rock64
(12-13-2017, 11:03 AM) Wrote: Hi guys ! I'm searching for a board  and i loved the many options here,  including the pinebook, and i have my 1° contact now with PINE64 ..
My objective is a cheap computer running UBUNTU.

I have some doubts , and i guess you can help me 

1.  Raspberry PI 3 X tinkerboard x ROCK64 ? Your personal experience 
2. Endless OS is supported ?

3. Rock64  has native wi-fi ? A Module wi-fi? 
4. PIDESKTOP is compatible ?

In advance thanks .

There is Ubuntu (actively developed available for the R64) with and without DE. 

I will let community members answer 1), but I guess that the answer is "depends what you want to use the board for". However, I think you most would agree you probably should stay away from the tinkerboard

2) If they have ARM rootfs then I guess you could - there isn't an image available however, and I doubt someone will jump to make one.  
3) No and No. If you want WiFi then you'll have to use USB
4) The RPI has terribly slow IO - so forget about that box. The R64 on the other hand features a full speed USB 3.0 and GbE. 

Read more here if you are interested in the Rock64.

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