Rock64 crash - spinlock lockup suspected on CPU (possibly thermal reason)
Hi, I often get an error spinlock lockup suspected on CPU#X where x is cpu core number from 0 to 3, one after another. When that occurs in terminal everything freezes and the only way is to reboot the device using force poweroff. It's popping up only under stress (at least 30-50% of all cores) in Chrome for instance. I'm using a 13x13x10 mm radiator with average quality thermal paste. Temperature is about 50-65 Celsius degrees. I'm using latest Ubuntu Artful build. Is it possible that it's caused by thermal issue? Hardware Issue? Or maybe it's because unstable distro?

Please go easy on me, I'm rather beginner.
After further investigation it looks like a chromium browser issue. No problems with eihter stress test and other browsers

It looks like a problem with kernel or drivers, I don't know. Apparently the issues appears also in case of other softwares. 
I'm doing stress test using 3 chromium browsers running on stable 0.5.10 release and 0 issues here. Weird.
it might also be the sd card has a problem spot on the media surface. if not too dificult or costly try reflashing the o/s after doing a scan/test of the card.

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